Education Makes The Difference!


Frances Enterprises provides consultation and training programs for public, private, government and health-care organizations. We provide development assistance and program services to a wide range of clientele.

Skilled professional trainers and consultants in human resource and management development constitute our staff. Our experts are committed to the development and presentation of custom-designed, results oriented training programs to fit the unique requirements of your organization.

Our objective is to structure an agenda and deliver the material in a manner that promotes a superior learning experience, utilizing the most cost-effective approaches for our clients.

Our mission is to provide services that are superior in quality, conception and content.  ‘Empowering People for Success’ is the motivation behind every service we provide, including:

Organizational Assessment

Conducting needs assessments and climate surveys that analyze problems and identify performance goals.


Designing and conducting training and development courses, seminars and workshops to achieve measurable performance improvement.

Customization and Design

Tailoring training programs and services to fit the unique requirements of your organization, which include communicating organizational goals, policies and procedures as part of the learning process.

Change Management Services

Offering a full range of organizational development services including providing organizations with new knowledge, strategies, skills, attitudes, values and behaviors to facilitate positive responses to the daily demands of organizational change.

Leadership Development

Working with top managers to create ways to help them overcome blocks to their performance in the realm of human relations. Assisting them in identifying needs and clarifying desired outcomes.

Meeting Planning, Process Consultation and
 Group Facilitation

Helping groups perform more effectively by soliciting the leadership skills and potential of all members’ organizational issues, systems implementation projects, work group effectiveness and/or team development.

Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution

Enhancing the ability and increasing the opportunities of individuals, groups or organizations to resolve their differences without resorting to the invocation of power or prerogatives, rights of entitlements, formal administrative procedures or litigation.

Conference Management and Retreats

Structuring an agenda, designing and facilitating the conference or retreat, recording the data, handling the logistics and selecting the speakers (as required) and delivering our services in a manner that promotes a superior learning experience, utilizing the most cost-effective approaches for our clients.

Individual Consulting and Coaching

Providing executives and employees an opportunity to pursue personal and professional development in a confidential and collaborative one-on-one environment.  Sessions may include problem solving, delegation skills, improving performance and productivity, self-motivation or development, improving communication, assertiveness, initiative and resolving conflict situations between individuals or within a team.

Performance Consulting

Incorporating a systematic approach to analyzing, improving, and managing performance in the workplace through the use of appropriate and varied interventions.  We will:

*    Partner with you and your team to help you refine your business goals.
*    Identify performance requirements that are directly linked to your organization’s operational and business goals.

·     *   Contract with you to ensure that all required actions are completed and the identified performance is successfully implemented.

·     *   Determine the conditions in your work environment that must be modified if needed performance is to take root.

·     *   Facilitate groups by focusing interactions to accomplish desired outcomes.

·     *  Monitor implementation of performance improvement plans within the scope of effort agreed upon to ensure you receive the best possible services.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Assisting organizations with the process of institutionalizing continuous work improvement. Chronic and systemic problems are addressed:
1) within a structure of needs identified by the customer,
2) by problem solving,
3) with statistical measurement, and
4) by restructuring of awards and recognition systems.

Frances Enterprises supports all phases of organizational development with consultation and facilitation and training services. Every executive, manager, supervisor and employee is a potential customer for our services.


We believe that training technology, paired with the right people, practices and vision can provide an important competitive edge in today's ever-changing business world. Because we focus on understanding your organization, business goals and direction, we can help with projects from the planning phase to the production support phase.

We offer our clients a very different approach. We provide services that will transform your entire organization or enterprise.  In addition, we focus on the realization that changing processes may be necessary to achieve the promised returns from training strategies and technology usage. This approach enables the delivery of very positive results on which clients can build, because we help make organizations more robust and adaptable to future shifts in the environment.
Our aim is to develop effective and mutually beneficial working partnerships by introducing an innovative yet practical approach towards solving your problems. Our staff succeeds by listening carefully to your needs and then providing world-class products, solutions, and expertise. We will get the results you need.

 "“Education programs give the court a way to help people to get what they need early, not when they’re on parole.”  

-- Honorable Bruce Beaudin, Superior Court Justice